Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact a member of staff?

You can contact a member of staff serveral ways on the contact page.

How can I receive my member tag on Teamspeak?

You can automatically acquire your member tag here.

How do I apply for the police force?

You can apply for a position within the Gendarmerie by filling out this application form.

How quickly will I receive my purchase from the store?

If your purchase does not rely upon custom designs being submitted, we will deliver your product within 24 hours.

What can I do if I have been permanently banned for exceeding 10 infraction points?

You may appeal any infraction points within 7 days from the date of issue. If they are deemed to have been legitimately issued, you will not be unbanned.

What can I do if I have been community banned?

In very rare circumstances, the administration team may unanimously decide to permanently ban an individual from the community if they have been excessively harmful to it. Community bans are rarely revoked but an appeal can be emailed here.

How do I report another player for breaking rules within the game server?

Players that have misconducted themselves can be reported on our forum.

Where can I submit my suggestions regarding the game server?

Our server relies on community suggestions so if you have any, feel free to submit them on our forum.

How do I apply for a position on the staff team?

It is not possible to submit an application for staff positions. All potential candidates are approached by a member the administration team.

Why do infraction points not decay with time?

We have a small but concise list of rules that are essential to any role-play environment. If someone repeatedly violates these rules, we do not feel they are suitable for role-play.

Why are there fewer rules when compared with other communities?

We strongly believe that a large list of rules will create artificial and less enjoyable role-play. Thus, we have only created the essential rules to establish an acceptable standard of role-play on our game servers.

What should I do if I am unsure on certain rules?

You can create a post on the forum where staff and senior members of the community can clarify rules. You can also join our TeamSpeak server and have a member of staff verbally explain a rule.

Why is there no option to donate on the website?

The store system is designed to cover the monthly costs without generating a surplus of funds. This community was not established for monetary gain. Members are rewarded for their generosity without providing an unfair advantage within the game server.

How is the money from store purchases utilised?

All proceeds from store purchases will be used to pay for the website, the forum and the game server.

Has this community been approved by Bohemia Interactive for monetisation?

We were approved for monetisation in 2015 and can be found on the approved list.